Sunday, August 30, 2015

Removing addresses

Now that we at CVU have joined the Google domain, it's a good idea to get rid of addresses.  Here's how to do that:

On the computer:

  1. In GMail, click on Mail and change it to Contacts.

  2. Enter in the search box and search.

  3. 3. Check the box at the top to select all the results.
    Go to More..Delete Contacts.
    4. If you still see results from the search, repeat until they're all gone (Google may do them in batches).
    5. That's it! Now, when you go back to Mail and compose a message, Google won't offer the old addresses as options.
Here's a brief screencast on how to do it.

On your iPhone/iPad:

Your iPhone remembers email addresses you've contacted in the past, whether or not you add them to your Contacts.

When you get set to send an email and start typing an address, a list of options may appear.
1. If you see a address, click the blue i to the right (if there is no i, it's because the person is in your Contacts and needs to be edited there).

2. Click Remove From Recents

3. Now when you go to compose a new email, the address won't pop up.

On your Android device:

I could use some help here...anyone use an Android device who can tell us how it's done? Please comment below! Thanks.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A new year!

Welcome back to a new school year!

The first big thing you'll notice in tech this year is that we have joined the domain.  This will allow students to carry their work forward all the way from K through 12.  It will also improve communication between CVU and the K-8 schools in the SU.

We are also instituting a 1-to-1 program in the 9th grade.  All freshmen are receiving an HP Stream laptop that is their's to use.

One focus for the tech committee this year will be examining our learning management system (Moodle) and determining how we can use it more effectively-- or if there is another system that may serve the need better.  If you are a teacher, staff, or student who is interested in having a voice in these kinds of discussions, please let me know.

Best wishes for a great year and I look forward to helping you integrate technology into learning.