Thursday, September 29, 2016

Taking a screenshot on a Chromebook (and other devices)

Here's a question that's popping up a lot: "How do I take a screen capture/screenshot (i.e., an image of my screen) on a Chromebook?"

It's often useful to snap a picture of what's on your device's screen.
On a Chrombook, this is done by pressing the Ctl key together with the "Switcher" key (so called, because it otherwise switches you from tab to tab in Chrome)

Here's how to do it on other devices:
  • On Windows computers, the Snipping Tool (in Accessories) does this nicely.  
  • On a Mac, you can use Command-Shift-4
  • In iOS (e.g., iPhone) or Android, hold the power/sleep button and home button (or volume down if your Android doesn't have a home button) at the same time.

Need more advanced features?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Embedding content in a Blogger post

I've written before about embed code as a way to have content from one site viewable within a window on another site.  This can be more effective than simply linking to a video, for example-- like this...

Recently, Jeff and Justin's E10/MMW stduents created videos in WeVideo.  They wanted these videos to play within blogger posts. I wrote up instructions for this and thought these might be useful to others (of course, I embedded the doc as a demo, but here's a link!).

Chromebook workshops

I'm doing a workshop next week called

So you have a Chromebook. Now what?

If you have questions about how a Chromebook differs from a traditional laptop, how apps and extensions work on Chromebooks, or what keyboard shortcuts are available on a Chromebook, come check it out!

We will be in room 118 (note-- not the library lab) for the first half of each block on Thursday, 10/6 and Friday 10/7.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The new Google Sites

Are you someone who made a Google Site a few years ago and didn't like the interface and/or thought the site looked boring?
You might want to go back and take a look at the new Google Sites.  The user interface is vastly improved.  The overall look is a lot cleaner.  Creating and editing pages is more intuitive, as well.

I just quickly made this site to give you an idea of how it looks.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think!