Thursday, October 11, 2018

Some Chromebook tips that will make your life easier

As I've been working with 9th graders in the Core, I've been developing a list of Chromebook tips that not everyone knows and that can be extremely useful.  Here are my top three, in no particular order:

  1. Alt-click to right-click. On a Chromebook, holding the Alt key while clicking on the trackpad is the equivalent of a right-click.  If you don't love the "two-finger click" try using the Alt key instead.
  2. To quickly find your downloads, pin the Files app to the shelf.  Search for Files (its icon is a white folder in a blue circle). Right-click the icon (see tip #1!) and choose Pin to Shelf.  Now it will always appear at the bottom. Within Files, you will see both Drive and Downloads.
  3. Need to take a quick screenshot? Hold Ctrl and press the "Screen Switcher" key, which is just above the 6 key. Holding Shift as well allows you to take a screenshot of a selected area. [Want a better screenshot tool that lets you annotate?  Try the Awesome Screenshot extension].

Digital Citizenship Flipgrid

Did you see Bonnie Birdsall's message about doing a Digitial Citizenship Flipgrid?  Gary and I are happy to help with this.  If you've never used FlipGrid before, I recommend you try it!  It's a great way to have group conversations. 

Come on down to 118 and we'll set you up.  Of let me know a good time for me to come to you.