Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Print Friendly & PDF extension

I came across the Print Friendly & PDF Chrome extension today,  This extension allows you to print (or save as a PDF) a de-cluttered version of a web site.  Essentially, it strips out ads, navigation buttons and any content that you don't want printed.

For example, here's a page from CNN as it appears on the web:

And here it is after applying the Print Friendly & PDF extension:

Here's a video that explains how to install and use the extension:

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Table of Contents Add-on

I've posted before about inserting tables of contents in Google Docs.  As a reminder-- as long as you use heading formats (see below), Docs can automatically create a TOC for you.


I've been working on a "textbook" for my class, however, and I really wanted the table of contents to be numbered (something Docs doesn't currently do-- although they recently added the ability to show page numbers instead of links).

Enter the Table of Contents Add-on for Google Docs.  To install, go to the Add-ons menu and search (or use the link above).  Once installed, you can select it from the menu.  It will appear on the right of your document.  Click to refresh and you will get a numbered table of contents!

After runing the Add-on, simply refresh the TOC that you created from the Insert menu in Google Docs and you will now have: